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Forum rules A translated version for the convenience of our foreign guests

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Отправлено 02 Август 2011 - 10:10

Dear fellow-supporters of Vitaly! We welcome all of you here and we are glad that our driver becomes popular not only in his native country but also abroad. In order to make our communication easier and avoid small misunderstandings, we have prepared a translation of our forum rules. Please, read them. Best of luck! :)

Forum rules.

I. Registration rules.
While filling in data in your profile, please notice that it is welcomed to fill in all of the profile fields (sex, age, country or city you are from).

1.1. A registered user isn’t able to start a forum topic unless he reaches the mark of 20 posts.

1.2. A restriction is put on avatar images that exceed the size of 30 kb and on animated images.

1.3. There exists a following restriction for a signature: not more than 650х100 pixels and no bigger than 50 kb per image. A user can insert up to ten images in a signature with the total size of no more than 200 kb. A signature can consist of no more than three lines, each line having no more than 300 symbols. It is not allowed to use big-sized text in a signature, bigger than size “2” (important announcements can be typed with size “3”).

1.4. To avoid any trouble connected with the fact that your profile data is available to all of the registered users, it is not recommended to write any of your contact information. You can do it later through the Personal Messages system – tell the information to those whom you trust.

1.5. It is not allowed to use web-site addresses, e-mail addresses, ICQ numbers, phone numbers and meaningless letter combinations for a user’s nickname ( in case if a user refuses to change his nickname, he gets banned forever).

1.6. It is prohibited to use uncensored, Nazi- and fascist-like images on avatars or in users profile ( in case if a user refuses to edit his profile, he gets banned forever).

1.7. It is prohibited to use rude or swearing words for a user’s nickname ( in case if a user refuses to change his nickname, he gets banned forever).

1.8. It is prohibited to take nicknames that can be taken for a goods, service or any other place advertisement ( in case if a user refuses to change his nickname, he gets banned forever).

1.9. It is prohibited to use nicknames that seem alike with those of forum administration ( in case if a user refuses to change his nickname, he gets banned forever).

1.10. It is strictly prohibited to have more than one account. Beside that, if a user, when temporary banned, creates an extra account, all the accounts of the user will be blocked and deleted forever.

II. Communication rules

2.1. The general communication language on the forum is considered to be Russian. No use of transliteration is permitted. In case of posting information in foreign language, the user must give a translation or at least briefly express the idea in Russian. The only exception concerns the ‘For English speaking fans’ forum section.

2.2. All users are supposed to follow the politeness rules while communicating on the forum.

2.2.1. It is prohibited to address your interlocutor with neglect or assessment of his mental or other abilities (it is punished with adding 30% to user’s punishment list, if repeatedly – 24 hours ban).

No use of swearing, effing and blinding is permitted. In case some parts of the word get changed for other symbols but can still be regarded as swearing, they are considered as such (it is punished with three days ban).

2.2.3. Disrespect shown to authors of site is regarded as a serious forum Rules violation ( it is punished with user’s total ban).

2.2.4. It is prohibited to insult persons belonging to the world of motorsport or mispronounce their names or nicknames in an insulting way (it is punished with adding 30% to user’s violation list. if repeatedly – three days ban and posting premoderation).

2.2.5. No flood or off topic discussion is approved of on forum. Meaningless posting ( i.e. “+1”, “agree”, etc.), overquoting (quoting images, mediafiles or big posts), discussing other users and doubleposting (posting messages one after another with a time interval of less than five minutes also equals to flood (it is punished with a warning, if the warning is ignored – 10% to user’s violation list plus all posts containing flood shall be deleted).

2.2.6. Starting flame wars is prohibited on forum. “Flame” implies appealing to opponent’s personality and calling names (troll, bot etc.) Provoking flame gets punished just as flame itself.
Flame provocation includes:
- Unmotivated, aggressive phrases referring to other person’s object of support (admiration)
- Making laugh at your opponent’s opinion without any facts support
- Words aimed at a group of persons (e.g. driver or team fans) that imply contempt or other negative information (e.g. advising where to stay and what to do) are considered as flame. It is punished with adding 30% to user’s violation list. If a warning is ignored, the user gets banned for three days with all his messages, containing flame, being deleted.

2.2.7. Necroposting in closed forum topics is prohibited (first the user gets a warning, if it is ignored, moderators may add 30% to user’s violation list).

2.3 The contents and message design.

2.3.1. To prevent the overload of the forum platform and traffic problems of those users, who don’t have a limitless connection to the Internet, it is advised to use photohosting services for placing images and photos. If an image is bigger in size than 200 kb, it is better to place it with a preview. If there are more than three images to post (and they’re without a preview) – it is advised to place them in a spoiler. Constant violation of this rule shall be considered as flood and punished as such.

2.3.2. Posting materials that are aimed at violence and drugs propaganda, or of those, which provoke racial, international or interreligious hostility is prohibited. That refers to porn materials too. (it is punished with ten days’ ban and messages premoderation, if repeatedly –with total ban).

2.3.3. The use of contemptuous words or phrases, pointing out one’s racial belonging and implying contempt to different nations and people is considered as rules violation (it is punished with adding 30% to user’s violation list, if repeatedly – ten days’ ban and messages premoderation).

2.3.4. It is strictly prohibited to post advertisement-like materials and links that have no connection to the forum’s general idea and topic (it is punished with user’s total ban). Posting advertisement-like materials concerning the general forum topic (i.e. accommodation offers, hotels and suchlike, sites, selling tickets for Formula 1 and other motorsport events, souvenirs, tokens and fan’s teams clothing) can only be posted if approved of by forum administration.

2.3.5. Users are not allowed to type their messages with red color. This color is only used by moderators and administration staff and only to point out rules violations to other users or to attract attention to important information.

2.3.6. Forum users are not recommended to post messages that can be inadequately displayed when viewed by other users: that includes big-sized images, big-size typed or colorful text, pseudographics etc (for the first time the user gets a warning, if repeatedly – moderators add 10% to user’s violation list).

III .Moderating rules.

3.1. This forum is postmoderated (the messages can’t be looked through or edited by the administration staff before they are posted by a user). Administration and moderators staff (the name of their groups marked with blue and red respectively) is to control the observation of forum rules by the users. Moderators have equal rights with all other users while partaking any discussion.

3.2. When registered, every user gets a violation list scaled from 0% to 100%. A moderator may punish each violation by adding % to user’s violation list, which may lead to restriction in posting messages. If the violation list reaches the mark of 100%, the user’s account gets banned.

3.3. Demonstrative neglecting of forum rules (e.g. “I couldn’t care less about the % you add to my violation list”) is punished with ten day’s ban. If repeatedly – total ban.

3.4. In two months time after receiving a warning of forum rules violation, the user may ask the administration staff to lower the % in his violation list. It is upon the administration staff to decide whether to do so or not.

3.5. Discussing moderator’s actions or arguing with him on forum pages is intolerable, except for exchanging personal messages or posting in a specialized topic in “The Functioning of the” forum section (it is punished with the user’s account five days ban).

3.6. A moderator partaking any discussion is in the right to express his opinion on the topic just as any other forum user. In case if a user appeals to his opponent, pointing out his (moderator’s) status when running out of other arguments or in a similar way laying claim to his professional duties/discussing them, that can be considered as rules violation (paragraph 3.5 in particular).
Get well soon, Robert!!!

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