Company HQ:Moscow, Russia
Core activity: Petrochemical business
Employees worldwide: 50000
Number of active markets: 69

SIBUR Holding JSC is the largest petrochemical company in Russia and Eastern Europe. SIBUR produces a significant share of propylene, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubbers and considerable part of other petrochemical products in Russian market. On top of that, the company manufactures 34% of tires and 16% of nitrogen fertilizers produced in Russia. SIBUR’s export sales grew up by 49% in 2010. Overall, the company produces over 2000 different brands of products.


Over recent years, the company has consistently delivered healthy financial and operational results andmoving ahead in its quest to become a major player in the petrochemicals arena.


Investments in development for 2010 amounted to $2 billion. One of SIBUR’s top priorities is to invest in modernization of its plants and technologies. The company has one of the best research laboratories in the world to ensure state-of-the-art research and development.

SIBUR is conscious of its social responsibility to create and ensure safe working conditions, to protect health of its staff and population living in the areas where the company conducts its operations. SIBUR develops and improves the corporate ecological management system in accordance with international standards. In 2009 the Company was awarded the National Ecological Prize in the "Global Ecology" nomination for its development and introduction.