State Corporatiom "Rostehnologii" provides its assistance to organizations of different manufacturing sectors in development, producion and export of high-technology products.
The mission of State Corporatiom "Rostehnologii" is to serve Russia, developing new technologies.


LADA cars are known all over the world, and available in almost every continent. The LADA brand is owned by JSC AVTOVAZ. By decision of the company’s shareholders, LADA logos now appears on the race cars of the Renault F1 Team.
Today JSC AVTOVAZ is an equal partner in the Renault-Nissan-AVTOVAZ Alliance, which is the world’s third largest automaker (after General Motors and Toyota). JSC AVTOVAZ, Russia’s biggest automotive manufacturer of LADA cars, produces quality vehicles at affordable prices and strives to expand its model range and options while continuously improving its product quality. The company accounts for around 1% of Russian GDP; AVTOVAZ’s production facilities are capable of producing over 1,000,000 vehicles annually.


The largest sport center of the North-West region, there are several Olympic and World Champions among the club’s members.


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