2010 Monaco Grand Prix, Saturday


Robert Kubica, R30-03, P2, 1:14.120

Vitaly Petrov, R30-02, P14 1:15.576





2010 Monaco Grand Prix, Thursday

Vitaly Petrov, R30-02 
Free Practice 1: P14, 1:17.718, 38 laps
Free Practice 2: P11, 1:15.746, 44 laps






Vitaly Petrov: “Each race teaches me something new”

Vitaly Petrov:The most difficult thing is to put together the perfect weekend, and I think that comes down to experience...





Eric Boullier Q & A

Vitaly finished the race just outside the points after starting in P19 on the grid. What was your verdict on his performance?
This afternoon’s race showed that the key to a strong result in 2010 is a good qualifying session and a good start. If you miss both of these things, it’s very difficult to score points.





2010 Spanish Grand Prix, Sunday

Vitaly Petrov
Fastest lap: 1.25.470
Started race on option tyres
Pit stop: Lap 13, time in pits: 21.017s (prime)




Spanish Grand Prix, Saturday


Vitaly Petrov, R30-02, P18, 1:23.896, 5 laps


Vitaly Petrov, R30-02, P14 (starts P19) 1:22.139



Barcelona, Saturday: A race against the clock

It was 11:20am on Saturday morning that Renault’s engineers looked at their TV monitors with concern. Vitaly Petrov had strayed onto a curb that was still damp from overnight rain, which sent him into the gravel at turn four. The car clipped the tyres and suffered quite a bit of damage, but fortunately Vitaly was unharmed.




2010 Spanish Grand Prix, Friday

Vitaly Petrov, R30-02
Free Practice 1: P9, 1:22.397, 23 laps
Free Practice 2: P16, 1:22.435, 35 laps




Vitaly Petrov: “There is a great atmosphere in this team”

Vitaly, after four races, how do you assess the start of your F1 career?
The start of the year was quite difficult for me and there were a few missed opportunities in the first three races.






Questions from visitors of official website for Vitaly Petrov

Question: Do you have any friends among current or former Formula One drivers?






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