2011, July 28

Vitaly Petrov has visited JSC AvtoVAZ for the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the company

Russian driver of Formula 1 Vitaly Petrov visited Togliatti on 26th July, where he became one of the guests of honor of the feast, dedicated to the anniversary of the famous motor giant. He participated in a series of events, including tests of the new model Lada Granta.

These days one of the most important motor producers  - JSC AvtoVAZ – celebrates its 45th anniversary. In the course of one week the motor giant of Togliatti held several festive events. Last Tuesday Vitaly Petrov and his manager Oksana Kossatchenko visited the factory. We would like to remind you that Vitaly Petrov is the only driver that managed to win all touring car championships, supported by JSC AvtoVAZ. It is not a secret that in all times people loved motorsport in Togliatti, but its citizens’ interest towards the driver of Lotus Renault GP exceeded all expectations – the organizers had to increase the time of autograph-session by several times, because there were many people who wanted to get Vitaly’s signature.


Before this Vitaly participated in the press-conference where children of the company’s employees asked questions. The youth were especially interested in the latest news of Formula 1. The next event in the busy programme was test laps behind the wheel of the new Lada Granta. Vitaly was the second person – not considering the factory examiners – who was lucky to test the new model of JSC AvtoVAZ. The first person to test is was Vladimir Putin.


Vitaly has also been to the manufactories of the factory with the president of JSC AvtoVAZ Igor Komarov. After the visit Vitaly went to the racing track in the nearby Sosnovka, there he tested the racing version of Lada Granta Cup.

During the visit to Togliatti Oksana Kossatchenko held a series of meetings about the possible cooperation: both sides have shown their willingness to continue their cooperation within Formula 1. 


V.Petrov: «So many things have happened today that it is almost unbelievable. And I do not even know what affected me most of all – a walk around manufactories, where people work under the temperature of +31 degrees, a huge amount of people who wanted to get my autograph (they almost broke the fence!), or meetings with the administration of the factory. It is obvous that AvtoVAZ is a modern company that aspires to the future. This is why I am proud of the fact that a big Lada logo is printed on my LRGP car. I enjoyed myself in Togliatti and I am absolutely sure that I will come here again many times! Congratulations with the anniversary!”