2011, June 15

Cars 2 Premier

This Tuesday Oksana Kossatchenko attended the premier of “Cars 2” cartoon  and received plenty of positive emotions while watching.
Special thanks to Disney representatives for the kind words addressed to Vitaly and, of course, for the opportunity to try their hand at such an unusual role for him. Unfortunately, for legitimate reasons, Vitaly was unable to attend the premiere, but gave everyone a nice view.

Oksana kossatchenko: «Special thanks to Disney company for opportunity to participate in this magical  project. Such good cartoons to educate teens good human qualities. I don’t often go out to the cinema and I was very pleased to see the continuation of the acclaimed animated film. All pleasant viewing

Recall that specifically for the Russian rolled film Pixar studio artists created an image of the Russian character, coloring machine under the name of Vitaly Petrov in the colors of the Russian flag.