Vitaly Petrov’s fans wish Robert Kubica speedy recovery

A tragedy during Italian rally, where Lotus Renaut GP driver Robert Kubica was seriously injured, find a response in many hearts of motorsport fans all over the world. Vitaly Petrov’s fan-club members can’t stay away as well and wish Polish driver get well soon in their collective letter.

“Dear Robert,

On behalf of all Vitaly Petrov’s fans, we would like to wish you to recover and come back to racing as soon as possible!

We often treat racing drivers as creatures from another world, forgetting they are people like us and are made of flash and blood. We often forget that racing is not alternative reality; it is the same world as ours, where one second can overturn your whole life. We trust that you will overcome this ordeal and come back to racing, and you will be even stronger than before! We know you as uncompromising fighter not only to other pilots, but to fate and deceases as well. We will wait for you to come back! And - believe it or not - we do not want another teammate for Vitaly!

Members of Vitaly Petrov’s fan-club”.

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