2012, October 28

Indian Grand Prix, Sunday

Race: Dry, hazy, air temp 30° / track temp 35° (start), 30° / 34° (lap 30), 29° / 32° (lap 60)

Vitaly Petrov
Start on soft tyres
Lap 31: pitstop 1, hard tyres
Finished: 17th
Fastest lap: 1.31.163 (lap 58)

Heikki Kovalainen
Start on soft tyres
Lap 32: pitstop 1, hard tyres
Finished: 18th
Fastest lap: 1.30.786 (lap 57)

Team Quotes

Vitaly Petrov, car 21, chassis CT01-#2: "I had a pretty good start and was pretty quickly up with Heikki and holding pace with him and the cars ahead until the first stops. The pace and degradation levels were both really good on the first set of tyres so we opted to go longer and changed strategy from two to one stops. I came out just behind my teammate and then passed him when he had a KERS problem - after that I was up to 15th but with a few laps to go a couple of quicker cars behind passed me and I finished up 17th. Despite that it was a good race. The car felt great all afternoon and everyone's worked really hard all weekend. We have some new parts coming next week in Abu Dhabi so let's see what happens there."

Heikki Kovalainen, car 20, chassis CT01-#3: "My start was good. I was up to 17th after the first lap and keeping pace with Kobayashi and the pack ahead as we pulled away from the cars behind. We had planned to do two stops but with the way the car was performing we went long on the first stint and switched to a one stop, boxing just after halfway. I had a good stop but about two thirds of the way through the race I had a KERS problem which meant I had to let Vitaly pass. From there it was really just a matter of getting my car to the end of the race. Losing KERS obviously didn't help but it was still pretty easy to pull away from the cars behind and without that problem I'm sure I'd have finished higher. Now we look ahead to next week's race where we'll have a few updates on the car and maybe those will help us close the gap to the cars ahead enough to help us fight for longer on race day."