2012, August 24

Vitaly Petrov have visited the city of Ulan-Ude

On the 23-24th of August Vitaly Petrov visited the city of Ulan-Ude, the capital of Republic of Buryatia. Caterham F1 driver’s trip to the east of Russia became a part of new program of Russian Helicopters Company. Vitaly spent his first day at Baikal Lake, where he fished and did some active sports. On Friday he went to the Ulan-Ude Aircraft Plant and not simply saw the company of 7 thousand people at work, but took part in assembling a helicopter himself, attaching a number of sensors to Mil MI-171’s dashboard.

Then Vitaly demonstrated his driving skills with electric trolley, gave a lot of autographs, met staff and key people  and answered their questions. There were photo session and media-call as well. After a break Petrov continued his visit to Buryatia at Ulan-Ude Sport Center. There he gave presents to young local go-kart drivers and try himself in archery.

After two eventful days Vitaly Petrov left Ulan-Ude to go west, it is a time for preparation for Belgian F1 Grand Prix. But Caterham F1 car will be showed in the capital of Buryatia for one more day – on August 25th motorsport fans can see it on the square in front of Aircraft Plant and win memorable prizes there.

V.Petrov: «Formula One gives me a chance to visit a lot of interesting places. But I have never seen as beautiful nature as in my home Russia. I was simply charmed by Buryatia and particularly Baikal Lake. The only pity is I couldn’t catch any fish. It was a great pleasure to see modern production plant and to meet with my fans, I hope they all got many positive emotions and we will also have some more events like this in future. Thanks for Russian Helicopters for the chance to discover something new and very interesting».