2012, August 6

Vitaly Petrov visited Rostov-on-Don

On the 3rd of August Vitaly Petrov visited the city of Rostov-on-Don. Caterham F1 driver’s trip to “Southern capital” of Russia was a part on new program of Russian Helicopters Company. Vitaly started his day with visiting JSC Rostvertol, one of leaders in national helicopters industry.

Petrov looked through all stages of flying machines production, met staff and key persons as well as took part in photo and autograph sessions. He also answered a lot of journalist’s questions on media-call. His Caterham F1 car was also there, but looked very compact in comparison with Mil Mi-26T2 – the largest and most powerful helicopter in the world – next to it.

From Rostvertol Vitaly went to Children’s home №4, where he presented to young boys and girls a lot of gifts with two mini racing cars among them. Finally, on 4th and 5th of August Caterham F1 car was shown for all guests and inhabitants of Rostov at VertolCity expo center.

V.Petrov: «For me it was one more event with Russian Helicopters, but for the first time I have visited a real plant – and was impressed with its scale, 8 thousand peoples of staff and regular test flights. I suppose I find out something that will be very interesting for Caterham F1 engineers. As for meeting with children – it is always a pleasure for me. So, from all points of view, visit to Rostov brought me a lot of positive emotions».

During August break Vitaly will also visit the city of Ulan-Ude as a part of on new program of Russian Helicopters Company for motorsport popularization.