2012, March 28

Vitaly Petrov visited Nike presentation

On 28th of March Moscow hosted the presentation of new football boots Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII. The new model was presented by Russian Formula 1 driver Vitaly Petrov and the national football team captain Andrey Arshavin.
The Caterham F1 driver has always been a great fan of football, last few years he regularly appears on the playing field as a forward of team Nazionale Piloti, which is composed from Formula 1 and other racing series drivers. That’s why for Nike it was hard to find better person than Vitaly to tell about the role of speed. In fact motorsport and football have more in common that it seems: in one case the athlete should dart off and make breakthrough to the ball, in another – driver make a burst on a traffic light signal in order to enter the first corner earlier than the rivals.

Besides, Vitaly, as a native of Vyborg, is a fan of Saint Petrsburg football team “Zenit”, that's why he was happy with a chance to meet Andrey Arshavin. The driver had presented to the national football team captain Caterham T-shirt with number 10 on it. In return Andrey promised to put it on when Petrov will win his first Grand Prix.

Both athletes were also gifted by the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII boots – the novelty, which characterizes by minimal weight (185 grammes), thin, but at the same time firm top part and the special form and arrangement of thorns, which provides an effective acceleration. The another modern feature of new model – bright mango color.

Andrey Arshavin will play matches of coming Euro-2012 dressed in these boots Andrey, while in two weeks Vitaly Petrov will participate in Chinese Grand Prix, dressed in more traditional footwear for F1, which is fire-resistant according to safety requirements. However the next game for Nazionale Piloti Russian driver, by his own recognition, will with no doubts play in Mercurial Vapor VIII.

Vitaly Petrov: “ I’m thankful to the Nike company for invitation, and  especially – for having opportunity to meet Andrey Arshavin. I regularly play football by myself as a forward, and I think speed and acceleration are very important both on the field and on the race circuit. And if much depends on correctly warmed up rubber on the Grand Prix start, in football right boots can decide the match result”.