2012, January 26

Vitaly Petrov take part in Pirelli season launch in Abu Dhabi

Russian Formula One driver Vitaly Petrov was invited by Pirelli tyre company to season launch media event, where he drove two-seater F1 car along Yas-Marina circuit and answered a lot of journalists’ questions.

Pirelli became official Formula One tyre supplier from 2011 and could really improve the quality of racing show through its first year in world championship. Two weeks before the start of pre-season testing Italian company presented new compounds of P Zero and Cinturato tyres, aiming to even more exciting racing with a lot of pit-stops in 2012.

Guests of Abu Dhabi event could try new tyres as two-seater passengers. Vitaly was the only Formula One driver present at an event, his target was to drove two-seater and gave all media more emotions.

V.Petrov: “To start with, I have to say I enjoyed the whole event a lot. Launch organizers contacted Bernie Ecclestone and he gave them permission to name Abu Dhabi ceremony as official start of 2012 Formula One season. It was a big pleasure to be a part of it, many thanks for Pirelli for invitation. Of course, I was asked a lot of questions – by the way, journalists were interested in many topics, not always related with tyres! I tried my best to answer all of them, but had to say excuse me and kept silence about me future. Please, take a bit more patience – at the moment it is too early for any announcements.

Then we started two-seater drives on Yas Marina. The circuit was divided by two parts and I drove Formula One car on one of them. By the way, two-seater turned out to be rather ‘fresh’ and fast. Normally, to avoid high G-forces, we use wet-weather tyres during such demo-drives, and this time it was the same. The track was additionally made wet with water. We drove until 8PM, when flood light was turned on – and Yas Marina circuit, as always at the night, looked really spectacular. Finally we finished a long day with late gala”.

O.Kosachenko, Vitaly’s manager: “We're very happy, that Pirelli choose Vitaly for participating in Abu-Dhabi event. We establish very good connection with Italian company, which opened big tyre plant in Russia last year and paid a lot of attention to our market. Partnership between Pirelli and Vitaly will continue in March, when he will take part in large joint event at St Petersburg”.