2010 German Grand Prix, Friday

Robert Kubica, R30-03
Free Practice 1: P13, 1.28.903, 20 laps
Free Practice 2: P8, 1:17.009, 37 laps

Robert: It was a difficult Friday because of the weather conditions which meant we ran all four tyre specifications at different points during the two sessions. These conditions make it difficult to test anything properly, so we concentrated on getting a feeling for the tyres. The super-soft compound actually performed quite well, possibly helped by the low temperatures, but it was more difficult to judge the hard compound because the track was still a bit damp when I ran with it. In terms of the balance, the car felt a little bit strange today, so we will investigate to find out what the cause might have been, and we will be hoping for more stable conditions tomorrow.

Vitaly Petrov, R30-02
Free Practice 1: P5, 1:26.948, 21 laps
Free Practice 2: P12, 1:17.547, 35 laps

Vitaly: When the weather conditions are changing all the time, it’s difficult to find the right set-up, so we just tried to run and run today, to see how the track was changing and get a feel for the car. Even so, we managed to make some good changes and I think we have a good set-up for tomorrow. There were no problems during the day, and I know that my fastest lap could have been even quicker, so now we must keep working well tonight and see what Saturday brings.

Technical Debrief with Alan Permane, Chief Race Engineer:

How did the cars perform in the wet this morning?
There were no particular dramas. We ran both types of wet tyre as the circuit required, using the full wet first then intermediates as it dried out. Both cars tended a little bit towards understeer, but there were no major problems, and in fact Vitaly was a bit happier with the car than Robert in the conditions.

The circuit has been resurfaced in places. Were you able to assess how it will affect the tyres?
The conditions made life a bit difficult and meant we have not done as much of an assessment as we would have liked. A lot of the resurfacing has been done at turn six and the circuit took a long time to dry there because the tarmac is very closed.

How are the super-soft and hard tyres performing?
We had a lot of problems with the super-soft compound in Montreal but it looks to be behaving very normally here. However, we were not able to do a great comparison of the two tyre types, because the circuit was still wet in some corners when we ran the hard compound at the start of the second session. Neither tyre looked too difficult to manage, but the hard took a few laps to warm up then just got faster and faster, while the performance was there straight away on the super-soft, but with a touch more understeer.

What is your weather forecast for the rest of the weekend?
At the moment, we’re expecting more rain today, and tomorrow morning may be wet too, but we believe qualifying and the race should be dry. Although the circuit was very green today, we did a long run on the super-soft with no problem at all during the second session, so we’ve got no concerns over the tyres. And we had a predominantly dry session this afternoon to get a handle on the car set-up and understand where we are in terms of performance.

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