2011, March 31

Australian Grand Prix

Believe me or not – I still haven’t completely realised what we have achieved. The schedule of the Australian GP weekend was so tight, that I simply didn’t have the time to see anything of the city or even visit a restaurant at night. I spent most of the time at the circuit and had my dinner there. The entire team worked very hard – and the podium came as a deserved reward for all engineers, mechanics and our guys back at the factory, who designed very strong car. Yes, at the moment it still feels a bit strange but we will have time to really enjoy this soon…


The thing is, in the winter test we didn’t really know where our place was in the pecking order. Melbourne’s Friday practices were also not really representative because of the green track and limited number of tyres. But I was really pleased with the balance of the R31 from the very beginning.

At quali, together with my race engineer, we took risky decisions and it all worked out.


The podium in Australia was won in a fair battle: there were no retirements in front of us, no rain and no Safety Car. We made a good start and then used a solid strategy. We improved the balance and the setup of the car throughout the weekend. I don’t think that the 3rd place was obtained by luck…

I would like to say to all my fans – be realists. You need a really fast car to fight for the podium on regular basis.  This time we had the right strategy and we didn’t do a single mistake. It will be hard for us to obtain such a result at every race but we will work hard.


The start of the season was absolutely fantastic. Everyone in the team is even more inspired and motivated now and we will work hard to get maximum possible result. Next stop is Malaysia.