Brazilian Grand Prix

Brazilian event is thought to be quite dangerous, and this year’s accidents once again confirmed it – but I luckily escaped any issues. We lived some 20 minutes from circuit and each day went there and back without any guards. The only thing – I couldn’t see in Sao-Paolo anything but racetrack, which I enjoyed a lot. There are not so many differences from other ones, but you always go up and down, turns are interesting and often blind. Stands should also be mentioned – they placed just at the edge of the track. It’s a pity this time I didn’t see a single Russian flag in spectator’s hands.

Friday started for me with crash at morning free practice. I was very upset and blamed myself. In fact it was rather slow lap, I almost didn’t attack at all. I was returning to pits very angry. But even before I reached our garage I was told this was not my fault. F-duct suddenly opened in the corner and caused the accident.

We sorted out all issues on Saturday and I went to Q3. The surface was wet at the beginning and we use intermediate tyres, then changed them to dry slicks when asphalt almost dried up.

I just needed to finish my final fast lap to overtake some other drivers. First sector was good, but on second I overdrive myself a bit, moved from dry ideal line and lost some time, which prevented me from improving my result.

I started the race from 10th, but lost three or four positions almost immediately. At Turn 2 I was alongside Jaime Alguersuari, who didn’t left any space for me, forcing to go from asphalt. That, in fact, ruined my race and prevented me from getting much better result. We all know – even if you’re faster, it is extremely difficult to overtake during the race.

At final laps we fought with Felipe Massa, and this time my performance was significantly higher. I almost overtook him at Turn 1 by outside, but hу simply pushed me off the track. It is hard to understand for my, why make damage to your competitor’s car when fighting for 15th position.

Final race of a season will start in a few days. I have already done a few laps on Abu-Dhabi circuit on golf-car. It is technical track, you need to drive through kerbs in many places and sometimes turns have off-camber profile. I prefer not to do any predictions for incoming weekend, and as always will work as hard as I can to finish my debut season on a high note.

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