Korean Grand Prix

It was a long way to Korea – I started my trip on Tuesday and finally reached the hotel by Wednesday night only. Next morning I went to the circuit – there still was a lot of construction works, but the track and everything else we need and use for racing were ready. As for works around, it didn’t disturb us.

At Korean Grand Prix our performance was good enough to reach Q3. It is a shame my mistake prevented that kind of result. I was totally concentrated on entrance to next turn and touched the kerb at the exit of previous one – I even can’t explain why. The car spun and fresh set of tyres was almost destroyed. Stupid situation.

The rain began to fall at Saturday night. Start of the race was delayed significantly, but this time I should say I completely agree with all decision made by FIA Stewards, and support them. They gave us a chance to do some laps – and it’s became clear, that it is impossible not only to race, but to even follow Safety Car. Race stop and following restart were made very timely.

When real race finally began, we decided to get an early pit-stop. I knew I had to see after intermediate tyres for more than 30 laps of final stint, what was far from easy task. I tried to manage them properly and for sure we didn’t need one more stop. I overtook Nico Hulkenberg and soon Rubern Barrichello came from pit-lane in front of me. We had some 20 laps to the finish and I preferred to wait a bit until their tyres get more worn-out.
In the same time I nursed my own rubber – to have a chance to add more speed later. I didn’t drive on the limit and tried to keep things under control, not giving pursuers a possibility to catch me. 

We still need to make clear, what happened next. There was a bump at the middle of last turn, where car goes faster and faster as track dries up. It jumps a bit on a bump and then hit the ground. I could suppose at that particular lap a hit was little heavier and the rear of the car simply lost grip. Wheels spun and the car went sideways. I reacted, but my tyres was already worn and it was impossible to do something…

We have one more new country ahead – this time Brazil. I need to collect as much information about Interlagos circuit as possible before travelling there. No less important is to return to right spirit ahead of next week-end. After Grand Prix I will flight directly from Brazil to Abu-Dhabi for final race of a season. I’d like to see my black strip over, because it is far too long now. I hope to show at two final races, what we have achieved with the team during this season.

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