Singapore Grand Prix

Now I’m agree, that Singapore gives us the most unusual event in Formula One calendar. And that’s not simple because it is night race – lights are powerful enough to completely disperse the darkness. But the circuit itself is tough and you have to live by special schedule during week-end. All drivers continue to follow European time zone, so I get my breakfast at 4pm local time. Firstly it was a bit of issue, I wanted to sleep – but later get used to it and there were no more difficulties.

One more feature of Singapore circuit – its surface takes a lot of time to get dry. Despite hot weather it still remains wet at some places as late as 10-11pm after noon’s rain! The worst situation with drying up was in Turn 5 – it was there where I spun during Q2, when tried a bit different line to get more speed. Unfortunately I touched wet spot, lost control, and my car hit a wall.

Next day I started really well from the grid and avoided any problems in first turns. Safety car was sent out soon, which gave as good chance to fight for 6th or 7th place. Our engineers made right call and guys on pit-lane worked fast as well.

A bit later I prepared my attack on Timo Glock, when Nico Hulkenberg appeared from nowhere. According to our data, that lap I exited from Turn 5 and then braked before Turn 7 with the same figures, as it was one lap before. Maybe I left a bit more space inside – and he decided to try rather ambitious manoeuvre. He hit my car, jumped on a kerb and simply couldn’t enter a corner by normal line. We both lost positions, which was frustrating – otherwise I had perfect chance to finish 7th. But that’s motorsport, and after physically demanding race I came home 11th.

Now we need to learn from Singapore as much as we can and then left this race behind us. At the moment it is very important for us to analyze our performance and find more space for improvements. I’m looking forward to Suzuka, although never raced there myself, but saw a lot of good racing from Japan.

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Coded by kerrygun.