Italian Grand Prix

We didn’t expect much from Monza and understood before the start of week-end that points finish would be far from easy task for us. This track doesn’t suit our car. And despite all guys’ hard work our predictions turn out to be right on Sunday.

To say more, during the whole event I struggled with the brakes. We finally fixed them only before the race, bit it cost us valuable time and we couldn’t find proper car balance. It is important to have stable rear here at Monza, which is not easily reachable with low downforce.

I tried to be accurate in first turn, starting from 20th position – after all the problems and than a it was unacceptable to crash the car moreover. At the same time I get a bit of risk and braked late, gaining two or three positions. It was not possible to did more overtaking in tight chicane.

I easily caught Jaime Alguersuari and was much faster in corners – but couldn’t follow him on long straights. I exited from turns closely to Toro Rosso, and then the gap between us began to rise. In fact our car was set up so that we were faster over an entire lap, but not as quick on the straights as some of our competitors, which made it difficult to overtake during the race.

At the middle of the race tyres began to grain and the car became difficult to handle. It was sliding on each braking, thus even worsening tyre wear. I didn’t fight with anybody and simple tried to drive as fast as possible, which was really hard.

As a result I didn’t score any points after pitting late to change to the soft tyre, as we have to do by the regulations – now it’s time to work hard to improve our performance for the incoming races.

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