Hungarian Grand Prix

I left Budapest on Sunday night, in a few hours after finish of the race. But 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix will stay in my memory for a long time, providing me with really pleasant emotions. It was this circuit when I won my first ever Formula 3000 race back in 2006. And now I obtained properly strong result in Formula One. Thanks for the team, this time we had very fast car and no technical issues at all during whole weekend.

We tried some updates on Friday, including new brakes as part of our development programme. it was a good evaluation for the future, but there were still some disadvantages so we decided to go back to the previous version which gave me more confidence.

At the beginning of the race, my plan was to build a gap to Nico Rosberg and our performance was good enough to be faster than Mercedes. The soft tyres were good on the long run, so we planned to make quite a late pit stop. That’s why Safety Car deployment was a kind of disappointment for me, because it destroyed all my efforts. But then rivals had some troubles during their pit-stops.

After my stop I found myself behind Rubens Barrichello. I can’t say it completely spoiled my race, but otherwise it could go out in a bit different way. I sought a comparison with Ferrari, not in terms of direct battle on track, but in terms of speed and performance.

I tried to follow Rubens closely, but tyres began to wear rapidly. So after some talks with the team on radio I increased distance between us a little and just maintained the same speed – there are not places for overtake at Hungaroring. When he finally went for his pit-stop I could drive 1,5-2 seconds faster, but that time I already was 40 seconds behind Massa – there were no reasons for risk, I just had to finish calmly.

Now it’s a time for some rest – we have so many events and flies during recent weeks. I want to relax a bit – first of all no planes, please. And I’m looking forward to Belgian and Italian races. We will get F-Dust at last, and I’m sure overall performance will be higher. Let’s wait and see what we can do on two fast circuits.

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