Canadian Grand Prix

It was my first time in Montreal. I like to visit new places and enjoy walking and looking around there – if possible. At Wednesday we had a kind of excursion around the city with some guys from Renault F1. It’s nice place, on riverside, with a lot of water around. 

As for racetrack – it is rather specific and doesn’t look very interesting for me, to be fair. Your performance here depends from setup too significantly and it is really hard to overtake despite a number of long straits. Each fast section ends by tight chicane or hairpin, so you need to risk a lot to overtake. In the same time every move affects your tires negatively, while it was a motto of Canadian race – “who save his tires better?”

It was hard task for me to pass Lotus, and Nico Rosberg as well spent some times attacking me, although his Mercedes has F-Duct, which is great advantage on Gilles Villeneuve circuit.

As for false start - I reacted really good, better then usually. I felt sure that I hadn’t done it, but the FIA handed me a penalty and I served it during the race. You cannot appeal a drive-through penalty so, even if it leaves a sour taste, there is no point to complain. We must look forward, not backwards.

On the way to turn one, my idea was to move to the center of track from the grid, but Michael Schumacher was already there - so I moved to right side, where was almost no place. The decision then has to be made in a fraction of a second – to brake or to continue by the grass. I preferred second, but there were big bumps under the grass, car jumped and I spun. My common rule is to avoid any risk in first turn, but this time it was exception…

Now we have Valencia ahead. I live in this city, so it will be my somewhat home Grand Prix. We prepare a lot of updates, and I won there in GP2 – but for sure Formula One will be completely different matter. Now I know this fact well.

Managed by Vladimir Pritychenko, Vladimir Getmanenko.
Coded by kerrygun.