Monaco Grand Prix

There was in fact almost no pause between fifth and sixth events – we just moved from Spain to Monaco. Back-to-back raced turned out to be not bad, even good from some points of view. If we will have a Grand Prix each week in future, season will come to an end sooner, so it give us much more time for the rest. (It’s a joke) 

At Wednesday our drivers’ football team played with the team of Prince Albert II. We won 4-2. Generally I prefer a role of forward, but this time so many good fellows wanted to play at front: Alonso, Massa, Vettel, Rosberg, Liuzzi. So I moved a bit backwards. During the match I was kicked quite hard in a leg. It was painful, I even woke up next night and thought it could disturb me in a car – but later the leg happily recovered.

By the way, during the match I participated in goal attack nevertheless. It was one-to-one moment with goalkeeper, but I decided to pass to Felipe Massa, who scored a goal. Maybe I could do it myself, but preferred not to take any risk.

This time we lived in Monaco and I wend to track by scooter. Surprisingly in was almost no traffic jam at Principality and I could use car as well – but scooter was better choice, because it was faster on city streets.

Practices started on Thursday, while on Friday we had rest day. Not the best thing for me. One whole day is quite enough for us to make all preparations, it is Friday on another circuits. In Monaco a day without driving simple broke you rhythm. But once a year it is not a problem.

I think your all know what happened on Saturday. But we could anyway score in race. When safety car was deployed at first lap, I asked the team if it possible to make a pit-stop immediately. We had a chance to do the same thing as Ferrari did for Fernando Alonso. If we’d change tyres that time, I’d return to the track in front of him and then finish in front as well.

It is hard to say now what could have been – because the team anyway refused my idea and left me on track. I think we have to discuss and analyze this situation.

Next race – Turkey. The main thing there is how our car will perform. I’m looking forward to overcome disappointment from last two races. Hope my accidents are now firmly behind me.

Managed by Vladimir Pritychenko, Vladimir Getmanenko.
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