Robert and Vitaly visit Viry

Fresh from their exploits in Bahrain last weekend, Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov made a beeline for Viry-Chatillon this week to visit our engine plant in the Parisian suburbs.

It was the chance for the drivers to meet the men and women who design and build the V8 engines in the back of their R30s. So there was plenty of hand shaking as the drivers were guided around Viry by their respective engine engineers (Ricardo and Thierry) and introduced to our engine technicians, mechanics and designers. As you’d expect, the drivers received a very warm welcome with autographs and photos in demand.

After the introductions it was time for the drivers to see our 2010-spec engine being put through its paces on the dyno – the machine we use to replicate the demands the engine experiences when installed in the car. Before any engine leaves Viry it will undergo quick health check on the dyno to make sure it’s ready to hit the track. The engineers even let Robert listen to an engine play back the data from his quickest lap in Bahrain, which sounded pretty sweet. We’ve yet to perfect the V8 version of the Polish national anthem, but give us time

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